Effect of periodontal health status on quality of life among mine workers maden işçilerinde periodontal sağlık durumunun yaşam kalitesine etkisi

ABSTRACT Objectives Periodontal disease is a disease that progresses asymptomatically in the first stage, but affects the lives of individuals socially, psychologically and functionally. In order to measure the effect of this disease on quality of life, periodontal conditions of underground mine workers in Zonguldak province were determined and the relationship between periodontal status and quality of life was evaluated. Material Methods 255 volunteered miners were visited and Community Periodontal Index and Treatment Needs (CPITN), papillary bleeding index and periodontal status were determined. Afterwards, sociodemographic veri, oral hygiene habits, bleeding and bad breath findings and Oral Health Impact Profile-14 (OHIP-14) scale were completed.